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Horses on the Hole in the Wall Ranch

The Wold Companies are family owned businesses, focusing on the energy, real estate and ranching sectors in the Rocky Mountain Region, with offices in Casper, Wyoming; Denver, Colorado and Van Horn, Texas. Today, the Companies are headed by John and his sons Peter and Jack. For over fifty years, their focus has been in developing natural resources, primarily in the energy sector. Wold Companies consist of Wold Oil Properties Inc.Whirlwind LLC, Gas Tech Inc., Riley Ridge LLC, Hole in the Wall Ranch and the Wold Foundation. The Wold Companies have focused their efforts in the Rocky Mountain states and additionally in west Texas, home of American Talc Company. The Wolds are strong proponents of responsible natural resource development with an eye on protecting the wonderful environments where we are located.

Proper stewardship of the land is a common thread in all projects in which the family is involved. Emphasis is also placed on educating the public in the benefits of the free enterprise system and the responsibilities associated with creating opportunity for all citizens. John is a strong advocate of service to our country in order to protect the philosophy and values of the founding fathers. He was the first professional geologist to serve in the United States Congress as well as the Wyoming State Legislature. Peter served in the Wyoming Legislature, and Jack served as an elected official in Wyoming education. The Wold Companies value their relationship with business partners, and if you see an opportunity for participation by the Wold’s in a venture, please contact us. We welcome you to our website.
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